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Darwin Harbour / Dundee Beach Sport Fishing


Exciting pelagic species abound in the inshore waters surrounding Darwin and Dundee Beach. We offer sport fishing day trips targeting a whole host of tropical speedsters with lures and flies.

The Fishing:

Over the neap tides, we concentrate our efforts in Darwin Harbour and over the spring tides we move trips out to Dundee Beach. These trips target Longtail Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Queenfish and several Trivially species. This is conducted by either trolling, jigging, or the most exhilarating forms of fishing – casting lures into surface feeding schools of fish as they crash bait, turning the water to foam. All these species really know how to turn on the after burners and you’ll usually lose half a spool of line in the blink of an eye. Multiple hookups are not uncommon and provide quite a laugh and clients dance around each other avoiding tangles, with fish going in all directions around the boat.


Single day trip


  • Pickup and drop-off from Darwin region accomodation.
  • All accomodation, meals and drink provided for duration of trip (excluding alcohol).
  • Expert guidance from your qualified and experienced skipper.
  • High quality fishing tackle provided.




Darwin Harbour – $360 per person
Dundee Beach – $400 per person