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Build Up Barra Fishing Darwin


Builds up Barra Fishing Darwin – As the waters warm late in the dry season, the big Barra of the NT begin to become more active again. Their metabolism rises and feeding becomes more voracious and consistent, in preparation for breeding over the wet season. This makes them a viable target yet again, and some great sessions can be had on big chrome saltwater Barra. We generally target these Barramundi over the neap tides in several locations around the Territory, depending on where the fishing has been most productive. No doubt you have heard about Run Off Barra Fishing, well, Barra Fishing Darwin during the build up can produce some equally awesome Barramundi Fishing.

The Fishing:

Targeting these big Barra is performed by either casting or trolling a variety of habitats, from coastal rocks, to river mouths, to snag ridden creeks. As bi-catch we also encounter some monster Threadfin Salmon and the occasional Black Jewfish.


2-5 days.


  • Pickup and drop-off from Darwin region accomodation.
  • All accomodation, meals and drink provided for duration of trip (excluding alcohol).
  • Expert guidance from your qualified and experienced skipper.
  • High quality fishing tackle provided.    




Prices vary according to trip length and the size of your group. Contact us for a tailored quote.