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Billabong Sportfishing Day Trips


Just over an hour from Darwin lays the scenic and productive Corroboree Billabong. This picturesque wetland ecosystem is part of the Mary River, comprised of deep stretches of river which become land locked as the wet season floodwaters have subsided. One of the main nurseries and habitats for maturing Barramundi, this location hosts fish from fingerling size to some quite large specimens, which become trapped at the end of the wet. Along with Barramundi, the exciting and challenging Saratoga are highly prevalent in the lotus beds which surround the billabong. Crocodiles highly concentrated in these waters, along with countless species of birds, and the occasional wild pigs and Asiatic Water Buffalo.

The Fishing:

We target Barramundi via both trolling and casting methods. This style of fishing lends itself to beginners and experts alike. Outside the prime Barra feeding periods, Saratoga can be targeted by casting surface lures and flies deep into the lotus rafts. This provides amazing visual strikes and some epic tussles as you try to wrestle these fish from their homes. As bi-catch to both Barra and Saratoga, we encounter Indo-pacific Tarpon, Sooty Grunter and the very occasional Sleepy Cod.


Single day trip


  • Pickup and drop-off from Darwin region accomodation.
  • Morning tea, lunch, water and soft drinks.
  • High quality fishing tackle.
  • Full guidance from your qualified and experienced guide.




$360 per person